Of Kheiron, we knew especially of the talents of stand-up and a propensity to the remarks below the belt in the series Short (of Kyan Khojandi and Bruno – Navo – It). And, lo, in the midst of the fall, the comedian, arrives with a comedy-drama. A first long-feature film casting five-star and the story […]

[critical] Tron – Legacy

Sam Flynn, 27 years old, is the son technology expert Kevin Flynn. Seeking to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of his father, he finds himself sucked into the world of programs to be formidable and lethal games where saw his father for the past 25 years. With the loyal confidante of Kevin, father and […]


In a prison in Oregon, Christian Longo (James Franco, on all fronts these last time !) is awaiting trial for murder on the persons of his wife and their children. In an isolated house in Montana, the journalist Mike Finkel (Jonah Hill) tries to climb back up the slope after having been dismissed for misconduct […]


The twenty first minutes of Tsili is looking more like a recovery, missed The wild child by François Truffaut as film typically Amos Gitai. A young girl still silent and without identity, strolls in a forest battered by high winds, ripping up mushrooms for food. Close up camera on his jaws working. Shelling in the […]

[critical] TU DORS NICOLE

It’s a show about nothing ! (” A series that will talk about anything ! “). It is from this sentence mythical that has been created one of the best (the best ?) sitcom of all time, the american series from NBC : Seinfeld (1989-1998). While addressing a totally different style, TU DORS NICOLE offers […]


Por its third film, Bruno Dumont leaves the North of France, and takes off to the desert sun of Joshua Tree in California. Has large arid areas, the dry roads and service stations in desert ; we the America fantasized and over again filmed by a plethora of filmmakers. But, from the beginning of the […]

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