STILL HAPPY is a comedy-drama in the French as we love and as we do not see so often ! Well written, very well played and the range of emotional broad, YET HAPPY is a winning combination that makes the very best among the other films of the genre at this time (The great sharing, […]

[critical] CHILD 44

I prohibits in Russia, who is accused, once is not custom, of “distorting History”, CHILD 44 is a film confused either by adaptation or by his story. 1952, Leo Demidov, a hero of the Second World War and promising agent of the secret police refused to classify it as an accident the brutal assassination of […]


IN MAY DO AS YOU PLEASE was presented the first public screening at the International Film Festival in the Médoc , which was held last July. The director Christian Carion, which has in particular the Farewell and Merry Christmas was present. Inspired by the exodus lived by his own family in May of 1940, he […]


Falling madly in love, it is having the mind and emotions so scrambled, it is to be at this point obsessed that you lose the reason, at the risk of being lost completely. It is this sense the absolute, the passion, that Pierre Godeau, the young director and scriptwriter of’DESPERATELY, has wanted to deal with. […]

[critical] Equalizer

Aith this ninth feature film, Antoine Fuqua finds Denzel Washington, thirteen years after the excellent Training Day (2001), which revealed the american film director and won the best actor Oscar to Denzel Washington. Unfortunately, Equalizer is far from the same result. It starts as an action movie and the avenger pretty simple, before losing the […]


I had dedicated an article rather virulent in the film, seen its trailer overly enticing and focused on the big show. Therefore, like most of those who go to see EVEREST, I was expecting a particular movie: with great reinforcements of special effects and emotion, a story of heroism and camaraderie, full of an outstanding […]

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