On the occasion of the presentation of GANG BANG at the Festival International du Film indépendant de Bordeaux last October, we had met with the director Eva Husson, who we had spoken with sincerity and enthusiasm of his intentions in the movie and her feminist engagement. For what reasons have added to the title GANG […]

[interview] Jean-Pierre Jeunet

On the occasion of the release of his future film, on October 28, Jean-Pierre Jeunet was present at the headquarters of the Warner to answer our questions. The most famous of French directors, to which we must assign Delicatessen, Le Fabuleux Destin D’amélie Poulain, The City Of Lost Children (nothing here !) is income, during […]

[INTERVIEW] François Delisle (CHORUS)

François Delisle is not his first feature film but it is his sixth achievement CHORUS , which allows him to reach international recognition – many times awarded at canadian festivals, including The Meteor. CHORUS is this year in competition at Sundance and introduced to the 65e Berlinale. On the occasion of its French release on […]

[interview] Fred Cavayé – A-blank range

A small week before the release of’the End Bearing, the latest film from Fred Cavayé, the production, in a spirit of generosity princely, has organized a screening for bloggers, their friends, and the friends of their friends. The atmosphere was warm and, by the icy cold that it was outside of the room, and it […]

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