Three years after the wonderful Ame and Yuki, the children of wolves (2012) that was born from the desire of the filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda to have children, his new film, THE BOY AND THE BEAST is a direct response to the birth of his first son. Continuing his study of children around thoughts and themes […]


Voice (off) sweet ofEmily Browning walks us through the London of the 1960s when the Kray, twin brothers, are the kings of the underworld. Reggie, the smartest of them, out of his house confident, pass the hello to the police officers stationed outside his home and goes quietly to his business. Elegant atmosphere of the […]


Vou remember the Wedding the Funeral of Tim Burton and Mike Johnson ? Do you remember the party took the visual of the two directors to differentiate between the world of the living to the dead ? Among the living all was gloomy and uniformly gray, while among the dead was joyful, luminous, colorful; paradoxically […]

[critical] The Day of the Beast

The priest Ángel Beriartúa has decoded the Gospels and is able to determine the day of the birth of the Antichrist. According to this message, the Antichrist will be born on December 25, 1995 in Madrid, where he starts a wave of vandalism and crime. On the other hand, it ignores all of the place […]


Read also: criticism of the film from a point of view of the video game If the first episode of the saga of the Labyrinth, from The Test, the literary work in three volumes by James Dashner, stood out by his intimate side (the decor is minimal, with a handful of actors, there are relatively […]


The 7 mercenaries (2016) has been reviewed by Antoine in the context of the topic, Reflections of Poetry. How the encounter between the western genre and the actor Denzel Washington has it not occurred earlier ? Like a Woody Strode, immortalized in John Ford and Sergio Leone, Washington has the whole panoply of the “mouth” […]

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