[critique] WINTER SLEEP

WINTER SLEEP is a representative par excellence of the cinema in Cannes : long, metaphysics, aesthetics, and a bit boring anyway. However, several things are very interesting : already, as shown in the poster, several plans of WINTER SLEEP is beautiful to fall ass no one out of his chair. The composition of these usually […]

[critical] World War Z

A day like any other, Gerry Lane and his family find themselves stuck in a traffic jam monster on their daily commute. A former investigator with the United Nations, the Lane immediately understands that the situation is unusual. People violently attack each other and a deadly virus seems to be spreading. Beings the most peaceful […]

[critical] WRONG COPS

Hasmin : “It was your film ? It was about what ?” Paul : “Ah yes ! It was awesome !” Amin : “At this point ? It was about what then ?” Paul : “Yeah yeah, totally.” Amin : “And so it was about what ?” Paul : “everything. Nothing. It is the absurd. […]


Wùlu, initiatory journey brutal of a young man taiseux who rescues his sister at the risk of losing. Ladji (Ibrahim Koma, whose strong presence is remarkable) is a young man, malin, taiseux, who sees everything. What makes the movie touching, and it is this beautiful relationship between the big sister Aminata (light Inna Modja, of […]


Aux commands of the two first opus of the saga and then the producer on the next two, Bryan Singer takes the X-Men and is the successor to Matthew Vaughn, who had marked the spirits with the excellent X-MEN – THE BEGINNING. This last was a return to the origins of the saga, placing its […]

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