Movie atmospheric, succession of tableaux more or less successful, or dive into a depression, EVOLUTION has anything to disturb the public used to combine the fantastic genre with the notion of suspense. The viewer visit EVOLUTION as a foreign country which gives him the codes via photographs, instructional or dialogues of exposure. So yes, there […]

[critical] the Expendables 3

Ils are coming ! They are all here ! It may be after a long time listened to The mamma from Charles Aznavour , the idea of bringing together all the biggest names in action film is coming to Sylvester Stallone. For the past few years, the famous interpreter of Rambo allows the stars more […]


Fifty years have passed since his first film, Fists in the pockets (1965), and yet Marco Bellocchio, the grand man of Italian cinema, is still there. With sweet DREAMS, inspired by a book by Massimo Gramellini, journalist-important of the daily La Stampa, the filmmaker, at the age of 76 years, makes a remarkable work, driven […]


Imported from the land of kangaroos, Fantastic Birthday, the first feature film of the australian Rosemary Myers transforms the teen-movie, a tale of the allegorical baroque, a comedy to be savoured like a sour candy. Did they have to wait the enthusiasm of a filmmaker who came in from the theatre to dilute a singular […]


In his ascension to the legitimacy artistic FAST AND FURIOUS 8 puts the guest prestigious as hitch-hikers who get lost on the way… What can we really expect from yet another component of the saga FAST AND FURIOUS ? After the first four episodes in free wheel – the filmmakers and the main characters crisscrossing […]


Andrei Zviaguintsev, prize for best scenario at Cannes in 2014 with the very beautiful Leviathan, returns with a story of sudden disappearance at the heart of a country threatened by the chaos. Neglected by her parents pending divorce, a child (Alyosha) decides to disappear. It is on this premise that the Russian director Andrei Zviaguintsev […]

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