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The Storyboard

First approach of the Storyboard   The storyboard is a representation of your film in the form of drawings accompanied by technical elements for each plan storyboardé. The technical elements are the value of the framework, movements etc… The storyboard is used in the film especially for specific sequences such as : a scene of […]

Funding cinema in the Regions

Funding The theater’s Financial aid in the regions   Are you looking for money for your film. You don’t know where, how, who, how In short you are missing all the information on the financing cinema near you… Follow the guide :o) The following structures help to finance cinema (short film, long, documentary, animation etc…) […]

The Hero with a thousand face

The Hero with a thousand and one faces   From Campbell to Vogler. Despite the years of experiences, researches, discussions with other writers, directors and producers, there is a book that has changed my life as a writer : “The hero with a thousand and one faces” by Joseph Campbell. But this would not be […]

the Bible TV series

Bible tv series   The Bible TV series Good ! Several users of How to Make A Film ask me what should be in a Bible TV series or Web series. In this article we will therefore take note of everything that needs to be put in the bible to approach a producer and create […]

How to protect your scenario part 2

 How to protect your screenplay Part 2   Here is the second part of how to protect your scenario abroad. I’m going to explain to you what you must do to protect your scenario : In canada, The united states, Belgium etc… If you need to send your scenario to the USA, for example, you […]

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