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how to write a script of short film-Part 2

How to write a screenplay for short film The structure of a scenario   Now that you have your synopsis, you will have to think to the structure of your scenario. We will work as do the writers of long. Surely you may have read in my various articles, you should never, never, NEVER ! […]

How to produce a short film Part II

make a short film the following….   Before the craze of the first part of “make a short film, make a short film,” part I, so here is the second part. This week, I want to highlight all stages of the manufacturing of a project. The film that we are going to study at a […]

Making a short film part 1

Make a short film The short film…the best school   Make a movie…a whole story…. For several weeks now, I explain you how to write a screenplay. For me it is necessarily the essential first step to make a movie. Over these weeks of comments to me have been made. One in particular caught my […]

the journey of the hero, put into practice

The hero’s journey Method to apply simply : the Timeline   If you have followed since the beginning you must be eager to apply everything you’ve learned about the hero’s journey. As I specified in one of the previous articles, it is very rare to write his film of a treaty. Personally I do not […]

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