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How to make a film X

To continue this series started with the article “how to make a short film” , I offer the most unlikely of all, namely : “how to make a porn movie “. I don’t know if many of my readers are interested in this question, but I know that the institute of the porn generates a […]

How to make an action film

After the articles “how to make a short film” and “how to make an animated film” , we remain in the series initiated by Canal+, which responds this time to the question : “how to make an action film ? “. Again, the tone is humorous and the content is easy to access but still […]

How to make a short film

Hello to all I stumbled the other day on a rather original title : “I want to make a short film.” This poster designed by Canal+ tells the story of the route (more or less true) that it must perform to complete a short film. Obviously, the document has been simplified and do a shoot […]

How to present a scenario

Hello to all. We are going to learn today how to submit a scenario. Did you know that there is a universal form to submit and write the script of the movie ? Well, we’ll see how to do it very easily with a free software called Celtx. You will find the download links below […]

How to prepare for a shoot

Once the script for your film written, once the film project approved by the stakeholders, it is time to prepare the shooting, that is to say, pre-produce. But why and how to do it effectively ? What could be the different stages ? It is to these questions that meets the article below ! Prepare […]

How to make a movie ?

Nowadays, making a film is easier. New technologies and the internet provide access to many information and facilitate communication. In spite of everything, to make a film requires discipline, organization and investment. In this series of articles, you’ll see how to make a movie and what are the stages of pre-production, production and post-production. The […]

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