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Making a short film part 1

Make a short film The short film…the best school   Make a movie…a whole story…. For several weeks now, I explain you how to write a screenplay. For me it is necessarily the essential first step to make a movie. Over these weeks of comments to me have been made. One in particular caught my […]

the journey of the hero, put into practice

The hero’s journey Method to apply simply : the Timeline   If you have followed since the beginning you must be eager to apply everything you’ve learned about the hero’s journey. As I specified in one of the previous articles, it is very rare to write his film of a treaty. Personally I do not […]

How to present a scenario in the rules

Present a scenario   Here’s one of the questions that comes up the most, with How to become a director, it is How to present a scenario ? Before you respond, it is important to know what composes a scenario. The typo used is in general : Courier font size 12. But today other typos […]

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