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With SAND STORM, Elite Zexer demonstrated a high quality of writing to talk about the complexity of family ties. SAND STORM could appear as a work a bit already, due to its theme distant – that of a young generation of modern as opposed to archaic traditions of the parents. We look back at the […]

[critical] The Descendants

In Hawaii, the life of a family switches. Because his wife has just been hospitalized following a boating accident, Matt King tries awkwardly to be closer to his two daughters, Scottie, a girl of ten years old bright and early, and Alexandra, a teenager, a rebellious seventeen-year-old. He also wondered whether he should sell the […]


After The Heart of the Ocean was released in the end of last year, it is a new film featuring the confrontation between man and the incredible force of nature that is the ocean that the Disney studios we offer. Based on a true story, THE FINEST HOURS tells the story of the rescue of […]

[critical] The Grandmaster

China, 1936. Ip Man, the legendary master of Wing Chun (one of the various styles of kung fu) and future mentor of Bruce Lee, leads a prosperous life in Foshan where he divides his time between his family and the martial arts. It is at this time that grandmaster Baosen, head of the College of […]


Yorgos Lanthimos returns with killing OF the SACRED DEER, a tragedy of ancient accents hitchcockiens, which takes the form of a farce. Director formalist and fond of aesthetic touches, the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos has reached a new level in terms of reputation with The Lobster, a love story in a near future where single people […]


A filmmaker a little bit conscientious, and a fortiori of Sean Penn, what is required above all is that we inflict a piece of propaganda pumped full of good feelings. His previous films had as default to insist a little too heavily on the pathos of the story (close-ups on eyes, wet by tears, zoom […]

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