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[critical] Upside Down

In a universe that is extraordinary, lives a young man. Adam, who tries to make ends meet in a world destroyed by the war. While struggling to move forward in life, he is haunted by the memory of a beautiful young girl from a world of abundance. It is called Eden. In this universe, his […]


Somewhere in Scotland, somewhere in the Eleventh century, a freed mute joins a group of viking christians on pilgrimage to the Holy City. VALHALLA RISING could be this and nothing more, it is in fact something else. If there’s two themes that were able to stimulate the Refn late, are those of silence and violence […]

[critical] VERONICA MARS

Il is finally here ! After years of speculations, rumors and expectations, Rob Thomas (the BIG SHOTS, 90210 BEVERLY HILLS : NEW GENERATION) did. He has managed to gather all the team of VERONICA MARS the series to VERONICA MARS, the movie. Real phenomenon because of its method of financing, the film marks a turning […]

[critical] Faust – 1926

Tormentor of humanity with war, plague, or famine, Mephisto believes that the earth belongs to him. The Archangel Gabriel reminds him of the name of Faust, an old scholar, a fair whose whole life is the proof that the earth is not totally submissive to Evil. Mephisto promises to turn away from God the soul […]

[critical] The Battleship Potemkin

In January 1905, the outbreak of the first Russian revolution, followed by the 14 June of the revolt of the sailors of the “Potemkin”. What at first looked like a small protest by a crew tired and angry of having to eat meat pourrrie has degenerated into a veritable uprising in the port of Odessa. […]

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