17 tips to make a film with his smartphone

17 conseils pour faire un film avec son smartphone

You have heard that it is possible to make a movie with his smartphone. You wonder if it really is ?

Yes, it is ! But there are limits. You will find below, as well as 17 boards to make a movie with your smartphone.

Make a movie with his smartphone, it is quite possible these days !

Today, it is quite possible to make a movie with his smartphone. The proof of this ? The many films presented since 2005 at the Mobile Film Festival : the exodus of Pétule, Becte, The Christmas of Bernard, Mo.

You will find many other on the home page of Mobile Film Festival. But be careful, be aware that making a film with his smartphone, it is being confronted to some limits !

The limits to make a film with a smartphone

There are many limits to make a movie with a smartphone :

1) The smartphone is a flat object that is difficult to hold and manipulate in a stable manner. The plans, designed to sell you the video quality of a smartphone, are in reality fixed plans where the smartphone is located on a rail dolly or on any other stable support,

2) because of its size, it has no optical zoom, rather a ” digital zoom “. In other words, to obtain a focal length larger, you enlarge the pixels, which results in a degradation of the quality of the image,

3) The smartphone does not offer the possibility to add filters on the lens. It does not have the features often offered by the professional cameras and that allow for quick settings when in full shooting : external microphone, color temperature , etc.,

4) The smartphone does not issue the recording format, but rather a delivery format that is compressed most of the time. However, the mounting with the compressed format will lead to loss of quality as a function of the number of generations of editions video,

5) the size of The sensor a smartphone has physical limits. This is due to the size of the lens and its thickness ; this forces manufacturers to choose a compromise between the number of photosites and their size ; which is a shame because it should not be forgotten that the bigger the sensor the better the image will light . Smartphones have a very poor sensitivity

6), again because of the size of the sensor, the Smartphone offers a large depth of field . It is impossible to make a nice blur behind the character or the object on which you made your point

7) Compared to that of a video camera, the embedded software of a smartphone does not render both textures in the light and dark areas.

Now that you are aware of these limits, check out some tips to make a movie with your smartphone.

17 tips for making a movie with his smartphone

5 tips to follow before shooting with your smartphone

Before you make a movie with your smartphone, do the following :

– Design your script and your storyboard.

– Made a made a marking. This will allow you to spot potential difficulties, for example, to select a place where the environmental noise (noise of bird, sound of waterfall, etc) will dress up your film and not the serve.

– Repeat what you have to say.

– Eliminate all elements that may disrupt the smooth running of your shoot.

– Make sure that your battery can hold the road.

10 tips to follow when shooting

– Get your lighting : if you are indoors, use a projector that is more power than the lamps in the home . Make sure that there is not too much of a contrast shade. If you’re outside, enjoy the sunshine. Make sure it illuminates the subject correctly to film.

– If you want you filming yourself, it is better to call a friend to hold your smartphone in your place. Avoid absolutely the fashion selfie.

– Hold your smartphone horizontally to shoot in landscape format.

– Use the video app provided. It may be independent or integrated with the camera function of your smartphone.

– equip yourself with a foot ; this will have for effect to further stabilize the image. You can also take an accessory gyro-stabilized. Feyu and Lanparte offers.

– Also, consider a micro. This will allow for better made of sound. For this I invite you to the save source external.

– Shoot footage of 5 to 30 seconds. You assemblerez after.

– If you want to do close-ups on faces, make sure they last a minimum of 3 seconds.

– Tell, save what you have to say, but only one to two seconds after the beginning of the shoot. This is the best way to avoid the cuts a little brutal in the editing.

– Make sure you have sufficient space in your Smartphone to save your movie.

2 tips to follow after the shooting of your film


– The movie, once saved, is stored in the memory of your Smartphone. Make sure it is not too heavy, you can export it by an application such as dropbox. If it is, you will need to download the file on your MAC or PC.

– Go on the platform dedicated to your machine (App store, Google Play, etc) and type in ” Video Editing (video Editing) “. You will then be offered for free and paid apps that will allow you to mount your film from your smartphone.But be careful before you select the applications that you like, take a look at samples of videos they have produced. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

So, this is the essential of what you need to know about the possibility of making a film with your smartphone. Do you have concerns ? If yes, please let us know in the comments below !

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