You would have made just as much Because all the experiences are good when they are experienced with the heart. You know how much I love my job and the cinema, or not ?! Since years I’m trying to do the best that I can to give you the maximum amount of information, tips, tricks, […]


The new aid for script writing This is a moment that I had not written article : Between the launch of the Scenario+ the creation of my free school of cinema, animation and Comics : Skilleezee, and answer your questions on the blog, I confess that I have not been able to ask me for […]


Give to receive This article should have appeared yesterday, unfortunately, my schedule did not permit. Since I am income everything goes at a crazy speed. These long months away from you, the blog, my business, have given me even more eager to share. I am currently working on a big project you […] Read More […]

Design your folder for a producer

The plan for financing The indispensable foundations for a production folder That you want to make happen or not, the financing plan will necessarily be an element that you will need to master. This week we received one comment on “How to Make A Movie” and we say that perhaps we needed to be back […]

Guest Articles

A day on a shooting Hello to all the friends moviegoers, let me introduce myself, I’m Damien, I’m 25 years old and I live in the south of France to Perpignan. This makes 5 years now I’m in the middle of the film, and more specifically to the business of the stage. I’ve had the […]

Learn The Cinema / How to Make A Movie

Iphone, Smartphone, the future of cinema ? This article is an appeal to the desire to create, to turn, more than a simple stacking of tips and tricks to be able to turn with your Smartphone. We talk about it for several weeks now, Steven Soderbergh is going to release a feature film filmed entirely […]

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