How and where to contact a film producer ?

How to contact a producer of feature films or short film   This week, I want to go back to a vital point once you have your story/ scenario is ready : How to contact a producer ? I, of course, already addressed this topic in an article, in October 2013. He was entitled to […]

How to make a professional network otherwise

Tom Weil and Niels Arestrup 6 degrees of separation  The article of last week, on the latest projects on which I worked, has not stirred the crowds at the level of comments…yet it would have had to prick your curiosity ! How a self-taught, who has always wanted to make movies, who knew nobody when […]

The rules 6 and 7 of pixar (or almost)

Anatomy of a scenario Rules 6 and 7 of Pixar to tell a story   Hello all, here are the rules 6 and 7 of the 22 rules of writing from Pixar. You can find the rules 1 to 5 here ;o) I’ll put a link to The free E-book (but in English), written by […]

The Rules Pixar to write a screenplay 1 to 5

The 22 rules for telling a story (Pixar or almost) Rules 1 to 5 Hello to all. This week, I’m going to continue to talk about character and scenario. This is a moment that I hesitate to post this article because these 22 rules you can find them everywhere on the net…and then I said […]

Create a fictional character in 3 steps

Create and work out a character in 3 steps   Hello to all. This week, I want to revisit a topic that involves all of you and with which you have sometimes small problems : How to create a character ? I know that I have already spoken more than once on the blog (you […]

How to find the name of your character

First name and last name of character…the headache ?   This week I’m going to speak to you ofa problem that affects almost all. A scourge that prevents you from moving forward, to write, in brief, to create…I began to speak (I think) of this problem in the article regarding the characterization of the characters […]

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