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The types of lighting for your film This week, I’m going to continue to talk to you about the basics you need for filming. I believe that after the color temperature it is more normal to talk to you about the lighting. Beyond telling you how to light your scenes, I’ll first tell you about […]

color temperature

The color temperature This week I’m going to get back to the basics. It is true that in recent times I have responded to a number of you who want to read articles a little more driven, a little more geared towards the semi-pro see professional. In this article I will address a topic that […]

Masterclass, How to Make A Movie Avignon 2014

Masterclass ” How To Make A Movie “ Avignon 2014 Masterclass when you hold us…at the time I write these lines, I am on the train back home. I arrived yesterday in Avignon. I only stayed barely 24 hours but I believe that this experience will long remain engraved in my memory. This Masterclass or […]

crowdfunding, the crowdfunding

Crowdfunding (Or in French) crowdfunding This week, we’re going to talk about crowdfunding or, in other words the crowdfunding. But before starting this topic that I find fascinating, I would like to thank our friends from the Fan page and the page Facebook of the blog. They have been a big help because I didn’t […]

Do his own cinema

Make his cinema tout alone This week, I want to respond to two blog readers who ask me two different questions but who, in fact, meet. I would like to answer them by this article : ” Make his cinema all alone “ because I am sure that many of you ask yourself these same […]

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