Soon 3 years that the law on marriage for all has been promulgated. This great advance of the company has been surrounded by heated debates which have divided France for almost a year. THE SOCIOLOGIST AND The BEAR, a documentary ofEtienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry room on the 6th April, looks back on this turbulent […]

The selection “Series B” : CHROMOSOME 3

To help you make your choice in the multitude of series B generated by the cinema operating for the past fifty years, here is a selection of films such as Chromosome 3, stand out for their high degree of improbability, their faults of taste assumed and their leadership qualities-works well known. A psychiatrist invents a […]

[critical] THE LIFE Of ADÈLE

Apparently, many people are interested in this film. But when they receive the information of a sex scene about ten minutes, they retreated several steps. Indeed, THE LIFE Of ADÈLE is above all a movie about love, before being a film based on the life. Abdellatif Kechiche captures a few moments of life, to better […]


The surface of repair, the first feature-length film by Christophe Régin, plunges us into the scenes of the world of football. The director Christophe Régin, that we had met during the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême , has long played football as an amateur. It is the melancholy of some of his teammates, who could […]

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