The January 25, 2017, re-release in cinemas by the distributor Carlotta, of the 8 films of Kurosawa. – The More Worthily ★★★☆☆ (our review) – A wonderful Sunday ★★★★☆ (our review) – The Angel Drunk ★★★★★ (our critique) – Mad Dog ★★★★★ – Live ★★★☆☆ – The hidden fortress ★★★★★ (our critique) – Yojimbo (DVD […]

” ANGRY BIRDS-THE MOVIE ” : anthropomorphism reducer

ANGRY BIRDS has been reviewed by ANTOINE in the framework of the section : REFLECTIONS POETIC The film adaptations of game franchises video are legion in Hollywood, and this, for several years already (Super Mario Bros., Warcraft : The beginning, Prince of Persia, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, etc). So, seeing land on the screens, an […]


After you have reviewed each of the films of Charlie Kaufman, we finally arrive at its second output and the sixth scenario : ANOMALISA. A movie a lot more clean and simple compared to the others, but just as deep. We will try for a few tracks of analysis, to unravel the mystery of this […]


1995, somewhere in the Balkans. Director-screenwriter-producer Fernando Leon de Aranoa we place immediately alongside this group of humanitarian entrants from different countries, whose sole purpose is to help people in this war zone. It was well understood thatA PERFECT DAY is located at the end of the serbo-Croatian conflict, but the intention here is not […]


When the troop of Dogs of Navarre and their director Jean-Christophe Meurisse seize the film, which results in APNEA, a movie-mad on the trials and tribulations of a trouple in a society that is absurdly standard. A burlesque comedy and insolent that titillates our cheekbones. Céline, Max and Thomas (Céline Fuhrer, Thomas Scimeca, Maxence Tual) […]


The japanese Kore-eda, after upsetting Our little sister, comes back with After the storm, a piece of melancholy succeeded, but that leaves us with the mechanics of its author. Stories of families and intimate, which draw their quantities in the very heart of human tragedy on a background of music pianotée now recognizable : no […]

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