AQUARIUS has been presented in competition at the Cannes film Festival, and Festival international du film de La Rochelle, which took place from 1st to 10th July 2016. Dona Clara is a woman who says modestly that she is in the flower of age. His family and his friends admire his courage and strength of […]


ORDER YOUR CINEMA ! this is the story a little far-fetched, even if inspired from reality, an actress who is offered the opportunity of making his first film (his biggest dream) by the two producing as horrible as perched. Result : it goes from compromise to compromise total of his project, leaving his family, his […]

[critical] STOP OR do I CONTINUE

Sophie Fillières has a place quite singular in the French comedy. His films have in common a sense of the breakdown of your very pushed, in the service of a human which is part of a detailed description of the daily life. The comical character of his films is absolutely not frontal but is located […]


For several years now video games have taken their taste for the cinema – already in 1999 with, for example, Metal Gear Solid. But we can not say that the adaptations of the games on the big screen have been a success so far. With ASSASSIN’S CREED they began to have good hope at the […]


For me, the major flaw of the movie is after the fabulous A Touch of Sin… Because it has been very difficult not to look desperately in BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS (Mountains May Depart in VO), the powerful motifs from the previous film. A Touch of Sin was a form of culmination of a formal dialogue […]


The director Vincent Garenq is accustomed to films that address both the Justice and injustice that is faced by sometimes men. He had already traced the journey of a man wrongly accused in the case Outreau with Presumed guilty, and the one of Denis Robert in the case of Clearstream with The Investigation. It has […]

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