The filmography of the Coen brothers is of an exceptional quality, there is no doubt about it. However, there are a number of films to be lighter, often comedies anecdotal, where their style can be felt without enthusiasm. What gives films like Burn After Reading, Ladykiller, Intolerable Cruelty or raising Arizona. The real question persists […]

[critical] the AVENGERS : AGE Of ULTRON

This is it, the blockbuster ultra-anticipated AVENGERS: AGE Of ULTRON is here ! Our super-heroes get together again, the humor and the sensitivity Whedon are present (and awesome), there’s always this alternation between scenes of quiet and/or intimate with the big fighting/explosions/mass destruction… Always enjoyable. In fact, everything is more or less like in Avengers […]


For his first film, BABY PHONE, Olivier, Casas offers a comedy squeaky on the consequences of little lies between friends in their thirties. BABY PHONE gives the opportunity to think, while funny, many serious topics around the couple, the family, of parenting, of friendship, but also of her dreams of children. Olivier Casas, who had […]


The pitch : our five friends from the first film are going to spend their vacation in Brazil ! The opportunity for Sonia to introduce Frank to his father Jean-Pierre, for Sam to shake of the girl (normal), for Alex to get his new girlfriend and cousin Ernest… Well, stay cousin Ernest. But due to […]


Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is at the edge of the crisis of nerve. The mother of two children, she struggles to link work and family life, taking an image of the perfection of course is false, as long to be returned by the company. Creaking under the pressure, particularly by Gwendoline, the president of the […]


It is not necessary to stop at a priori sulphur about BANG GANG under the pretext that one sees teenagers of sixteen years of walking around naked and fuck like crazy. No, it is much more complex and subtle than that. Director Eva Husson, of which this is the first feature-length film, and that we […]

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