Like it or not boy, it must be admitted that there is something quite fascinating in Vin Diesel. In a few years, the actor has turned a corner in terms of financial weight. It began with his return in Fast and Furious (since Fast and Furious 4) as an actor but also a producer. The […]


The January 25, 2017, re-release in cinemas by the distributor Carlotta, of the 8 films of Kurosawa. – The More Worthily ★★★☆☆ (our review) – A wonderful Sunday ★★★★☆ (our review) – The Angel Drunk ★★★★★ (our critique) – Mad Dog ★★★★★ – Live ★★★☆☆ – The hidden fortress ★★★★★ (our critique) – Yojimbo (DVD […]


Joaquin Phoenix devours the film in A BEAUTIFUL DAY, a polar haunted amplitude aesthetic and emotional mind-blowing. A BEAUTIFUL DAY opens on a count where two voices on superimposed, that of a child and an adult. In parallel, a man is choking and another meets a mysterious mission in the shedding of blood. A lot […]


ZOOTOPIE, to my mind, is to consider it as a “film producers”, led by an overall vision of organizing different formal aspects, around an idea, a MORAL. This producer will therefore be John Lasseter, a former director of the studio Pixar and, since 2006, creative director of the animation department of Disney. The guy has […]

[CYCLE] THE TEN commandments : introduction

One of the main events of this summer 2016 is not an advert but a first in the French theatres of a work, however, dated 1988. The distribution, with Diaphana, in digital 2K of the DECALOGUE of Krzysztof Kieslowski on the screens is a unique opportunity to see the tv series to migrate in one […]

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