Evacuate immediately to our opinion on the film itself. Like everything in the world, at least as “the press“, we have seen nothing original in the structure screenplay of DOCTOR STRANGE, telling without any risk-taking a classic origin story where a character of great-selfish-arrogant Tony Stark becomes, with the acquisition of the status of a […]


To read also, our second opinion on IN THE FORESTS OF SIBERIA The silence, the calming, the simple pleasure of being alone in the face of oneself, to be free from all constraint… who has never dreamed of from afar the roar of the world, to stop the incredible race against time ? The writer […]


By choosing as the entry point after the illness, rarely tackled in cinema, the most beautiful of Anne-Gaëlle Daval deals movingly a question more universal : the acceptance and transmission of the femininity. Our interview with Anne-Gaëlle Daval March 8 is the International day of the rights of the Woman and this is probably not […]


DESIERTO is a film that is sincere. He would like to pass a message about the world situation, on the reality of immigration. But already, this message does not frontally. If it is actually a history of mexicans seeking to pass on the american soil, the heart of the film is the hunt of men […]


Find our positive review of the film The golden camera of the Cannes film 2016 promised the clitoris, a beautiful energy, and the birth of young talent. This portrait of the daughter of the cities in search of success and money, we will remember in particular a movie foutraque, longuet, and that doesn’t avoid the […]

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