[critical] GODZILLA

Hasutant say now, do not beat around the bush and get right to it : the GODZILLA of Gareth Edwards is epic. Yesterday (almost) total anonymous, the director of the very few known MONSTERS may well attain the status of “personality” as his second feature film is breathtaking. And for once, we know where are […]


The Jane Doe identity, an experience of horror very different from the Troll Hunters, the found footage, which has made known its director, André Øvredal, six years earlier. When the police brings in the immaculate body of one Jane Doe ” (a term designating a woman of unknown identity), Tommy Tilden and his son, coroners, […]


Robert Pattinson walks the streets of new york at night in GOOD TIME, a thriller desperate run by the brothers Safdie. Film without pretensions but with style, this is the magic formula found by the two directors of GOOD TIME. The story ? Two brothers organize a bank robbery. The employee is particularly cooperative, not […]

A portrait of Almodóvar

On the occasion of the release of JULIETA, it seemed to us important to dwell on Pedro Almodóvar himself. It is, in general, rather supporters of the empathy for an author through the complete understanding of its films. This allows not only to define the grounds of his work, but it also gives a particular […]

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