Ne have seen BOOMERANG in Avant – Première au Festival du Film Francophone d’angoulême, which was held from the 25th to the 30th of August, in the presence of the director-screenwriter, François Favrat and actors of the movie Laurent Lafitte, Mélanie Laurent and Audrey Dana. Also present was Tatiana de Rosnay, a writer whose novel […]


S thes econd feature film of Martin Scorsese, BOXCAR BERTHA I was much less fascinated than the previous film. Appearing as a movie-of-order – I want to say that there is no reason Scorsesien is truly identifiable it appears, however, to break free of any censorship… But also from any direction. BOXCAR BERTHA, it is […]

[critical] BOYHOOD

Boyhood was without doubt faced many obstacles during its realisation and production. It could very well never see the light of day, for obvious reasons. Only here, all the weaknesses which in the hands of another would be fatal to the film becoming forces, whole units of it when Richard Linklater is behind the camera. […]


Frowning, vulgarity of speech and action shaky cam… The trailer of ROBBERS foreshadowed a entertainment ultra-generic. What a surprise to discover a polar nervous, dry, well-written, very well performed and especially with a realization of the crescendo of the part of the young Julien Leclerq ! What could be put off in the trailer turns […]


There was enough to be surprised at the announcement of this sequel : the return of the surfer winner, ascendant snowboarder was just as unimaginable as incongruous. He was a true phenomenon in the course of recess (and not that ?!), the cult movie BRICE DE NICE seems to be now gone out of fashion. […]


BROOKLYN has been featured at Sundance 2015 in the category First. Directed by irishman John Crowley, which we have seen recently the Closed Circuit , it provides to the irish actress Saoirse Ronan, seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel, the very beautiful romantic part of the immigrant irish Eilis Lacey , who comes to settle […]

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