The pitch : In the New York of the 1950s, Therese, a young employee of a large retail store Manhattan, makes the acquaintance of a client distinguished, Carol, seductive woman, trapped in a marriage little happy. The spark of the first meeting was quickly succeeded by a feeling more profound. The two women find themselves […]

[critical] CINDERELLA

B. Both say immediately, CINDERELLA, you will enjoy absolutely not if you do not put yourself in a certain state of mind. In seeking to be entertained by a recipe yet well known : that of the fairy tale. The film by Kenneth Brannagh, to kick, and endeavors to comply with the specifications taught for […]


In SOME WOMEN, Kelly Reichardt pays tribute to the heroines of everyday life and puts forward 4 actresses in a film without pretense, full of melancholy. In just a few months separate Paterson for SOME WOMEN, two films about different but who are linked by this desire to film the America trivial, to deny the […]


In reading the synopsis, one might think that THIS FEELING OF The SUMMER is a dark story that focuses on the mourning but this is not the case at all. It is a film in the tone is slightly melancholic, which addresses the absence, the time which passes and life resumes its rights, with a […]


For his first film, Ceasefire, Emmanuel Courcol immerse the viewer in the trauma of a family after the war of 1914-1918. CEASE-FIRE is the first feature film to be very successful director, screenwriter Emmanuel Courcol, known until then for his work as a screenwriter (Welcome, Boomerang). Met during the International Film Festival of History, he […]

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