[critical] The Assault

Saturday, 24 December 1994. Four GIA terrorists take hostages in Algiers Airbus A-300 Air France between the algerian capital to Paris and 227 people aboard it. Nobody knows their intentions : they are armed and appear extremely determined. The terrorists were demanding the release of their comrades in arms and demand the immediate take-off of […]


Luring the last weekend of summer, Frank, an escaped prisoner and convicted for murder, forcing Adele and her son Henry to hide in them for a while. Very quickly, the relationship between the kidnapper and the young woman takes an unexpected turn. During these four days, they will be of heavy secrets and learn to […]


Let’s be honest, the latest film from Gavin Hood, X-MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE, was a failure full. So why go and see his new creation, THE STRATEGY that ENDER, of which he also wrote the script ? By lack of interest in the dramas of French came out the same week ? Out of a […]


THE EARTH AND The SHADOW is a poetic film, like its title, which symbolizes our roots, and demons… In this first feature is promising, Caesar Acevedo speaks to us of a man (Alfonso), who has abandoned his family and his homeland, refusing to see it disfigured by the development of the sugar industry. 17 years […]

[CRITICAL] PUSHER : the trilogy

Today, Nicolas Winding Refn is a name in the cinematic landscape. It is a no-brainer. Like many, he started with a first long feature film made with very little means : PUSHER. First of all, PUSHER of the first name is a movie that can be considered basic, both in its form and in substance. […]

[critical] THE THIEF BOOK

C as with any international best-seller who meets, the novel THE THIEF OF BOOKS now knows about its film adaptation. Signed from the pen of the author australian Markus Zusak, it is the british Brian Percival is at the helm of this film version, a film director best known for his work on television series […]

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