[critical] The Watcher

The commissioner Mattei is about to arrest a notorious gang of robbers of banks, when a sniper in cover on the rooftops, decimating an army of cops and lets his accomplices escape. Unfortunately, one of them is seriously injured, and the result of their plan is compromised. While Mattei organizes a massive manhunt, the gang […]


After the confrontation with Azog and the intervention of the Eagles, Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarves continue their way to the city, dwarf of Erebor, to dislodge the dragon Smaug… Do not turn around the pot, and let’s say things clearly : with this second installment in the Hobbit trilogy, Peter Jackson has done things […]

[counter-critique] THE WOLF OF WALL STREET

Editor’s NOTE : You can read a negative criticism of the film at this address. The world of finance and the film share an intimate relationship. The one and the other are inspired. The first breath of the scenarios in the second that creates the impossible figures of young brokers (in addition to that they […]


Editor’s NOTE : You can read a positive review of the film at this address. Finally, here it is ! After months of teasing and hard weeks of waiting, we have (finally) been able to discover this famous WOLF OF WALL STREET. Fifth collaboration between Scorsese and DiCaprio, the film has everything that (we) appeal […]


Theone of the “joys” of the year ends when it comes to a subject as itself a little cultural (in this case the cinema), it is falling on a herd of tops in all kinds of summarizing the long and wide that it was absolutely not to be missed. Generally, when one goes regularly in […]

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