[critical] finding NEMO

In the tropical waters of the Great Barrier reef fish, a clown of the name of a Marine leads a peaceful existence with his one and only son, Nemo. Fearing the ocean and its unpredictable risks, he does his best to protect his son. As all the small fish of his age, the dream yet […]


First scene : Rooney Mara walking fast, Casey Affleck is behind and is catching up. Everything about the movie already resounds in this symbolism. And not just in the background, in the form also. This sun that we see on the screen, which creates a beam of yellow/orange around the actors. It is beautiful, especially […]

[critical] THE OTHER

In 1945, in a huge victorian mansion secluded on the island of Jersey located off the coast of Normandy, and living Grace, a young devout woman, and her two children, Anne and Nicholas. The days are long for this mother of a family who spends all of his time to educating his children, inculcating in […]


En period of partials, where my illegally fat, unlawfully hedonic and anticonstitutionnellement epicureans habits are relegated to the background in favour of my illegally emetic, unlawfully long and anticonstitutionnellement exhausting revisions, I tell myself that my life is sad. Then I look at THE FIRES OF ANGER. And I realize, in light of those of […]


When, what stage, does one decide that a man is a homosexual ? When do we know that it is (or is not) homosexual ? These are two of the questions posed by THE BOYS AND GUILLAUME AT the TABLE !. The first of Guillaume Gallienne, the actor from the Comédie-française (no less), the film […]

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