Vietnam, Saigon, 1951 : Mùi returns to the service of the family of the city. The opportunity for us to meet with the members, and especially women. First feature film from director franco-vietnamese Tran Anh Hung, The SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA is a film with a sensitivity that is very special. In spite of all […]


The story : love stories and tragic destinies intertwine in Madrid. A filmmaker and her two lovers, her sister. Then, as usual, many other characters revolve around this quartet. All have a certain consistency, despite their lesser importance. The introduction of the film is interesting : the scene signature of Almodóvar (a sex scene explicit […]


Tonto, the indian warrior, tells how John Reid, a former defender of the law, is become an avenger legendary. These two heroes will have to learn to team up to face the worst of greed and corruption. The duo makes sparks and leads the audience into a whirlwind of surprises and humor. Author’s Note [rating:7/10] […]

[critical 2/2] LOVE

Tout began with a meeting held in the bus heading to the grand palais at Cannes … two old ladies have taken a liking to us and decided to give us invitations for the meeting to midnight of the same evening (Wednesday may 20). The session in question was the latest film from Gaspar Noé, […]

[critical] LOVELACE

Behind every legend lies a story. This is what could be the premise of LOVELACE, the new co-director by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, already authors of the sublime HOWL in 2010. For their 4th collaboration, the two men have made the gamble to put in scene the life of decadence of Linda Boreman, better […]

Lucky Luke : trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of Lucky Luke… The pitch : during his mission in Daisy Town, the city that saw him grow up, “Lucky Luke”, “the man who shoots faster than his shadow”, will meet Billy The Kid, Calamity Jane, Pat Poker, Jesse James et Belle… Lucky Luke was directed by James Huth (Hellphone, Brice […]

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