[critical] Hancock

There are heroes, super-heroes, and there are… Hancock. His super powers have often helped to save countless lives, but the damage is monstrous, it makes the passage have in the end become unpopular. The people of Los Angeles can’t take it anymore and wonder what they ever do to deserve a “hero” like that. Hancock […]


Release Date : February 21, 1996 (2h50min) Directed by : Michael Mann With : Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer Genre : Police , Drama , Action , Thriller Nationality : American Synopsis : The band, Neil McCauley, which came to be grafted Waingro, a new recruit, attack an armoured vehicle, to seize a […]

[critical] HER

Thees love Stories. An exercise in film as complicated as love itself. At least, it can be. A tragic choice is offered to each director : avoid, or wallow, as well blithely as plush in the middle ? Honey to satisfy the viewer, to sell the illusion ? Make him believe in the beautiful stories […]

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