[critical] Hellboy II : The Legions of Gold-Cursed

After an ancient truce made between humankind and the invisible realm of fantastical creatures have been broken, Hell on Earth is ready to emerge. A ruthless leader who reigns over the kingdom below, deny its origins and awakens an unprecedented threat : an army of creatures that no one can stop. Now, it is time […]

[critical] Hot Fuzz

  Hot Fuzz we described the journey of Nicholas Angel, a “superflic” of London, who, through his unorthodox methods, has been shadowed by his colleagues and his superiors, who, to get rid of, choose to mute in a small village in british can no longer be quiet. However, the arrival of Angel coincides with several […]


Pread difficult to bridge the waiting, to ensure the succession. After strong promises for a season, which proved to respond brilliantly to the challenges imposed, season 2 of HOUSE OF CARDS had the difficult mission to be able to maintain a level of quality very high. After a whirlwind opening, a style imposed, a narrative […]

Hugh Laurie could leave Dr. House ?

This is the thorny issue of the day. For medical reasons, the leading player of the series could stop camping the famous doctor… There would be news that it would be better not to hear or read, and yet, sadly, Hugh Laurie, playing the famous role of Dr. House in the series of the same […]


Promoted to be fairly confidential, in comparison to the blockbusters released in the spring of 2012, the first installment of the HUNGER GAMES had the effect of a bomb. Helped by a massive word-of-mouth put in place by the readers of the original trilogy, we were surprised to wait the release of this new adaptation […]


On the occasion of the upcoming release ofETERNITY, the 7 September 2016 (see the promising trailer), we wanted to get back on the filmography of the director, franco-vietnamese Tran Anh Hung. In the light of his fourth film, one could say that the cinema of the author is made of vibrations. His first feature film, […]

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