Beautiful film by Pawel Pawlikowski, IDA immediately struck by the quality of the images in black and white. Real pictures, between shadow and light, every shot seems carefully thought out, worked and radiates an aesthetic uncommon. Filmed in Poland, in a setting covered in snow and places inspiring the loneliness, the actors are as lost […]

[critical] An illustrious unknown

Hasuréolés the success of the first Name, Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre De La Patellière would have been able to continue mindlessly on in the same vein, and get other easy success in mixing comedy and filmed theatre. They have chosen a different path in addressing a gender under-exploited in France: the thriller. The pitch must […]

[critical] ELUSIVE

“The Four Horsemen “, a group of brilliant magicians and illusionists, just give two magic shows amazing : the first by pitting one bank on another continent, the second by transferring the capital of a banker worm-eaten on the bank accounts of the public. Two special agents of the FBI and Interpol are determined to […]

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