Greatly anticipated by fans, it is more unexpected that leaves the “more-or-less sequel to” Cloverfield (2008), kept a long time secret. Sequel ? Prequel ? Difficult to define what 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE , which has its predecessor than the name. The style of found footage is abandoned for a realization of the most classic, and […]


Robin Campillo explores the years Act-Up in the company of a band of militants. Film group, sensitive and policy, 120 Beats per minute is a true great moment in cinema. Already the author of’Eastern Boys, a film so political and sensitive, Robin Campillo is now known to give rise to benefit expectations. 120 BEATS PER […]


1:54 is a prevention campaign giant against cyber-harassment in the school environment with the backdrop of the reminder that he (still) fighting against homophobia. A theme obviously eloquent as highly relevant, and that will be the benefit to do is to plan about all those who will see it, in the memories of their own […]


We saw 21 NIGHTS WITH PATTIE first in French at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême, which took place last August. The filmmakers-screenwriters Jean-Marie Larrieu and Arnaud Larrieu have a habit of making movies on characters that have relationships somewhat extraordinary between them and give nature a full part. 21 NIGHTS WITH PATTIE is no […]


To read also, our counter criticism of the FREE STATE OF JONES Based on the context of the end of the Civil war, and the racial laws of the States southerners, FREE STATE OF JONES paints a picture of a resistance to arbitrary power of rulers gone astray. The fledgling democracy that portrays Gary Ross […]

[critical] 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

1987, Romania, a few years before the fall of communism. Ottila and Gabita share a room in the cité universitaire of a small town. Gabita is pregnant, and abortion is a crime. The two young women are, therefore, call upon a certain Mr. Baby to solve the problem. But they were not prepared for such […]

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