Kill Bill will have its 3rd part

Inglourious Basterds barely digested, here is Quentin Tarantino ready to commit to a third sequel of Kill Bill… Kill Bill, where how a bride-to-be cries out for revenge from a band of killers and their leader, Bill. Scenario super simple but with Tarantino behind it is already a little more spicy. Obviously, this third sequel […]


For nearly a decade, affected by the panda Po, aka The Dragon Warrior, in the house of DreamWorks in which he was able to get a place of choice among the icons of the studio founded by the no less famous Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen in 1994 (Shrek and Donkey, Alex and Marty from Madagascar, […]


Filmed during the Cannes film Festival in 2016, “The Camera’s Clear,” continues the logical HSS of the épurement sentimental in a short film (1: 05) with medicinal virtues. With his favorite actress, Kim Min Hee, and Isabelle Huppert, radiant. Considered one of the greatest film directors in activity, Hong Sang-soo has been working a lot, […]


First full length feature film for Greta Gerwig, a key figure in the independent cinema US, Lady Bird oscillates between melancholy, humour and autobiography. “Don’t let it fly too your expectations, for not having to crawl like a worm from the earth”, would be the perfect manifesto of the mother of the self-proclaimed Lady Bird. […]

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