James Bond : the generic from 1995 to 2002

With GoldenEye, sung by Tina Turner, Bond made a big splash and explosive in the year 1990. A true modernity emerges (finally) this generic of 1995 (and its musical accompaniment). Until then always in 2D, the generic focuses for the first time on the background and the depth-of-field. The work is much more present, between […]

James Bond : the generic from 2006 to 2012

Casino Royale marks the return unhoped-for Bond on the front of the stage in 2006. A new face, the face of Daniel Craig, and the series will see re-started with gusto. The aesthetic bias is all the same surprising. There is, indeed, the choice of the action to an animated film – rather successful in […]

[critical] JERSEY BOYS

Sympathique, the new film from Clint Eastwood is sympathetic. This is what he will retain of this umpteenth attempt of biopic around an artist. Or several, as present here, since JERSEY BOYS tells – with some credibility – the daily and especially the trials and tribulations of the Four Seasons, an atypical group that was […]


In the aftermath of the Second World War, Jimmy Picard, an Indian, the Blackfoot who fought in France, is admitted to the military hospital in Topeka, Kansas, a specialized institution in brain diseases. Jimmy Picard suffers from many problems : dizziness, temporary blindness, hearing loss… In the absence of a physiological, the diagnosis is schizophrenia. […]

[critique] JIMMY’S HALL

Ken Loach returns to Ireland, LOOKING FOR ERIC and THE ANGELS (and the very forgettable ROAD IRISH), the conflicts that have animated this country to the historical epic. To relax the atmosphere. Yes, the new Ken Loach looks like his other films, including THE WIND RISES, by its subject, its classicism, the wonderful photography of […]

Kill Bill will have its 3rd part

Inglourious Basterds barely digested, here is Quentin Tarantino ready to commit to a third sequel of Kill Bill… Kill Bill, where how a bride-to-be cries out for revenge from a band of killers and their leader, Bill. Scenario super simple but with Tarantino behind it is already a little more spicy. Obviously, this third sequel […]

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