The Case SK1 – review

The Guy Georges Case, otherly known as the “Serial Killer Number 1” hunt, is very unknown from young adults… But it was one of the most shocking events of the last two decades of the 20th century. Precisely, between 1981 and 1997, Guy Georges killed seven young ladies and assaulted 4 more. At last, he […]

[critical] The Girl from Monaco

Bertrand, avocat d’assises. Brilliant. Media. Chatty. Grown. Brain. Complicated. Not very very brave. Like women, especially to talk to them. Freshly arrived in Monaco to the defence of a murderous man in his seventies. Christopher, the security guard in charge of protecting Bertrand. Franc. Direct. Taciturn. Sports. Studies interrupted in the fifth. Like women except […]

[critical] La Grande Bellezza

Aristocrats, managed, politicians, criminals, journalists, actors, decadent nobles, artists and intellectuals, wove reports inconsistent, all phagocytosed in a Babylon desperate that flutters in the palace ancient, the huge villas, the most beautiful terraces of the city. And they do not show in their best light. Jep Gambardella, 65, a writer and journalist, indolent and disenchanted, […]

[critical] THE MARCH

More than 1000 kilometres between Paris and Marseille, 100 000 people present at the arrival, the president François Mitterrand, who receives a delegation of participants at the Elysée, a lot of media coverage…, one wonders how THE MARCH for equality and against racism was able to disappear from the minds. Based on the low number […]

[critical] Night at The Museum

The Museum of Natural History contains within its walls a mysterious secret and amazing that Larry, the new security guard, will soon discover with panic : the night, all the exhibits come alive ! Under his eyes, roman soldiers and cowboys miniature engaged in a bitter war, Attila and his Huns began to plunder the […]

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