For nearly a decade, affected by the panda Po, aka The Dragon Warrior, in the house of DreamWorks in which he was able to get a place of choice among the icons of the studio founded by the no less famous Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen in 1994 (Shrek and Donkey, Alex and Marty from Madagascar, […]


On the occasion of the release of’ETERNITY’, a film adaptation of the book Alice Ferney elegance of widows (see our column), we wanted to get back on the filmography of its director, the French-vietnamese Tran Anh Hung. All the more that his fifth film, THE BALLAD OF The IMPOSSIBLE is also an adaptation of a […]


Filmed during the Cannes film Festival in 2016, “The Camera’s Clear,” continues the logical HSS of the épurement sentimental in a short film (1: 05) with medicinal virtues. With his favorite actress, Kim Min Hee, and Isabelle Huppert, radiant. Considered one of the greatest film directors in activity, Hong Sang-soo has been working a lot, […]

[critical] the FALL OF THE FALCON NOIR

Hasard calendar, came out three months after the destruction of the two towers, Black Hawk Down. The film in which America needed to feel good to the ego… An ego bruised by the murder of thousands of innocent – just as the discovery of relatively sudden hatred without a face dedicated to american values. Black […]


First full length feature film for Greta Gerwig, a key figure in the independent cinema US, Lady Bird oscillates between melancholy, humour and autobiography. “Don’t let it fly too your expectations, for not having to crawl like a worm from the earth”, would be the perfect manifesto of the mother of the self-proclaimed Lady Bird. […]

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