[counter-critique] FOXCATCHER

READ ALSO : a positive review of FOXCATCHER The story : Mark and Dave Schultz, wrestling olympic medalists, modest and humble, living quietly in their little lives. If Dave balances family and career, Mark, he lives alone, has no perspective other than fight (for the gold medal, as in everyday life). So when the billionaire […]

[critical] FRANCES HA

Frances, a young New Yorker dreams of becoming a choreographer. In the meantime, she has fun with her best friend, dance a little and lost a lot… Author’s Note [rating:9/10] • Release Date : July 3, 2013 • Directed by Noah Baumbach • Film american • With Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner, Michael Esper • Duration […]


FREE TO RUN is a documentary film that traces the incredible epic of the race on foot over the last fifty years, and who manages to fascinate from beginning to end. Runner or not, the images, the story and the music captivate us instantly because the struggles against the discrimination and injustices that have characterized […]

[critical] Futurama : Bender’s Big Score

In this long-footage original, aliens, and evil tends nudist send Bender, not so much against his will, in a journey through time to steal the historical treasures of the Earth ! The valiant crew of the Planet Express will he save the planet ? Leela will she find true love ? The terrible secret of […]

[critical] GANG OF SHARKS

During the first half of the 2000s, the world of water was the fashion in the animated films american in dark rooms. After the very successful (and profitable) finding NEMO at Pixar in 2003, Dreamworks replied the following year with the GANG OF SHARKS that takes us again to the bottom of the oceans. However […]

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