Tyra Banks in Gossip Girl

We have not finished to disclose the surprises of the new season… After Hilary Duff, that’s Tyra Banks who is invited into the forthcoming third season of Gossip Girl. It is Entertainment Weekly which confirms it. His role ? It will be just to the sides ofHilary Duff as an actress but does not play […]

Ultimate Game : trailer

Here is the trailer for the Ultimate Game… The pitch : In the near future, the new technologies have changed the video game. The principle created for the game “The Sims” is applied to human beings who are manipulated by players online. Billionaire Ken Castle has created the ultimate entertainment : “Slayers”, a video game […]

Ultimatum : trailer and photos

We present to you the trailer and stills from the film Ultimatum… The pitch : December 31, 1990. The ultimatum launched by the UN in Iraq expires in fifteen days : if he does not evacuate Kuwait, the Allies have a mandate to use force. In the newsrooms of the west, there is talk of […]

Ultramarines : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VO/HD)

Here is a first teaser of the film Ultramarines… Ultramarines is a sci-fi film in image synthesis, which takes place in the fictional universe of Warhammer 40.000 from the british company Games Workshop. The duration of the movie is expected to be about 70 minutes and it comes out directly on DVD at a date […]

an opinion on The Book of the 7 Crowns

Has the approach to the dissemination of the 5th season of the hit series Game of Thrones on HBO, the Editions of the Archipelago offer a book of Nicolas Lamour entitled THE BOOK OF the 7 CROWNS to be to find in this universe bushy created by George R. R. Martin in his saga literary […]

A HAPPY WOMAN, a woman of breath – Review

In A HAPPY WOMAN, the director Dominic Savage gives to see Gemma Arterton as a young mother overwhelmed, which no longer has a place in his family life as idyllic. Film the introspection, the search for the meaning of life and the intimate reflections of an evil to be inexpressible is not simple. It is […]

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