10 small awkwardnesses of scenario to avoid

Here’s a little recap of the clumsiness and other and other substantive errors relating to the scenario. Some might recognize their mistakes. The purpose is not to criticize. No, the goal is just to learn. And I would say to all those who aspire to be a scriptwriter, the first quality of the following : […]

100 tips and tricks for filming with his dslr

100 tips and tricks for filming with his dslr is a book written by Adam Jumper and David Newton. It offers, as its name indicates, 100 tips for filming with his reflex. These 100 tips are divided into 5 chapters : Technology We will talk about the technical features of the cameras that this is […]

Start : how ? where to ? and especially by what ?

Where to start ? So, to start this new section, we will consider that the last elements that I mentioned – learning the basics of writing and have the imagination – are acquired ! Small parenthesis, you know the adage “nothing for granted” ? And well this applies more to the profession of screenwriter ! […]

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