Admission to a theatrical high school

Many people dreamed of being actors, but there were only a few. Why? Yes, because this stellar, at first glance, profession, it seems that only from the outside. Already on the courses of the stage art, comprehending its initial basics, listeners understand how difficult it is for actors in their craft. But the most stubborn […]


Tomasz Wasilewski is a portrait of women that the desire to desire to consume, it kills small fire, and die in a world governed by the invective that what they have already should be enough. A total work of art, and dense, it is in these terms that it would be fair to set the […]

[critical] One Husband Too many

Emma is the famous presenter of a radio show that helps people find love, and his book is in head of sales. Millions of people regard it as the best consultant in human relations. Higher states like, she is going in addition to marry Richard, a man who has it all. His life is an […]

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