Male Dominance : trailer / Trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of Male Domination… The pitch : ” I want the viewers to compete out of the room “, it is said that Patric Jean, turning male Dominance. Can you believe that in the Xxist century, men require the return to the ancestral values of the patriarchy : women in the kitchen […]

The hidden face of Tom Cruise

France 2 provides us with a documentary on Tom Cruise and his face hidden… The hidden face is of course his penchant for religion and Scientology. And it’s France 2 and Laurent Delahousse who stick with a documentary special that will be broadcast Monday, July 13, at 22.55. The show will be “one day, One […]

MOTHER’S day : who too embraces embraces evil – Critical

For his latest film, MOTHER’S day, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar is a tribute to mothers with this day that celebrates them, sometimes happy, sometimes a source of tensions, but never indifferent. Many films have already been made about mothers, the love or the hatred they inspire in their children. But also look more or less benevolent, which […]

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