The a-team : trailer / Trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here is the trailer for the movie The a-team… The adaptation of the famous tv series The a-team… The Agency All Risks has been directed by Joe Carnahan (Mi$e A Prix, Narc) with Bradley Cooper (New York I Love You, All About Steve), Liam Neeson (Five Minutes Of Heaven, ” The Other Man) and Quinton […]

The a-team takes its casting

Casting is 95% finished-here are the new heads of The Agency All Risks ! For Colonel John Smith aka Hannibal, I ask Liam Neeson ! For Lieutenant Templeton Peck, aka The Smart, I ask Bradley Cooper ! To Captain H. M. Murdock aka Looping, I request Sharlto Copley ! Finally, for the Sergeant Bosco Albert […]

Up There : First trailer

Here is the first “real” trailer for the next Pixar film, Up There, which is directed by Pete Docter (Monsters & Cie) and which will be released on July 29, 2009. Note that it may be watched in 3D in the specialty rooms. • Trailer (VO)

Up There : A second teaser

We offer you a second teaser for the next Pixar film, Up There ! The film will be released on the 29th July next and will be directed by Pete Docter (Monsters & Cie). Anoter that Up There will be the opening of the next Festival de Cannes.

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