The Horde : First teaser

Here’s the first trailer for The Horde… The pitch : in The North of Paris. Decided to avenge the death of one of their own, a group of police officers takes over a tower HOUSING, which is barricaded, a band of gangsters, and finds himself unknowingly facing a horde of zombies. Cops and crooks will […]

Crohn’s Disease, this is not cinema !

Crohn’s disease, it means nothing to you ? However, 85 000 people would be affected by this pathology in France. To overcome this, an awareness campaign has now been held in France… This campaign aims to de-stigmatize the disease. The patient should not be afraid to talk to his relatives and especially his doctor. Only […]

The Mountain Bewitched : trailer

Here is the trailer of The Mountain Bewitched by Andy Fickman with Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock). The pitch : Tia and her brother Tony, two teenagers with supernatural powers, leave their safe refuge of the mountain bewitched to make a tower on Earth. But Tony is kidnapped by dr. Gannon, a mad scientist who […]

host and actress Macha Béranger is dead

Macha Béranger has died at the age of 67 years following a long illness … Macha Beranger, whose real name is Michèle Riond, was a radio host French, born July 22, 1941 and passed away on April 26, 2009 at his home Perray-en-Yvelines. After completing the theatre courses of Charles Dullin, she played in several […]

[critical] The anti-Semitic

A woman with cancer and seeing that dying request to her husband that he might psychoanalyze by a psy a jew in order to cure his anti-semitism. The encounter between these two characters will give rise to a sort of comical situation. Author’s Note [rating:1/10] • Release Date : coming Soon • Directed by Dieudonné […]


Trip to dreamlike and timeless around the figure became a novel of Vincent van Gogh, THE PASSION VAN GOGH is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tributes that the painter has received to date. Ambitious in its shape, the feature-length film Dorota Kabiela and Hugh Welshman is the first to have been entirely […]

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