Trip to dreamlike and timeless around the figure became a novel of Vincent van Gogh, THE PASSION VAN GOGH is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tributes that the painter has received to date. Ambitious in its shape, the feature-length film Dorota Kabiela and Hugh Welshman is the first to have been entirely […]


It is the characters that amaze, annoy or stir. Alain Guyard is part of it. Former teacher of philosophy at high school, Alain Guyard has become “philo showman“, and like a new Diogenes, who preaches the philosophy to the people. He travels the roads of France and, far from any academicism, gives courses accessible to […]

The first video of Twilight – Chapter 2 : Temptation

The first images – and in this case the first video of Twilight 2 ! Entertainment Tonight has posted a short video of the sequel to Twilight, find Twilight – Chapter 2 : Temptation. Always directed by Chris Weitz and always with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the film will be released on our screens […]

The Road : trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here is the trailer of The Road… The pitch : there are now more than ten years the world has exploded. Nobody knows what happened. Those who survived remember a huge blinding flash, and then nothing. More energy, more vegetation, more food… The last survivors roam in a world devastated and covered in ash, which […]

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