Fatal Bazooka was adapted for the cinema

Michael Youn and Fatal Bazooka will be in the cinema next year… And, more precisely, on June 16, 2010, release date for this which will be a feature-length film called Fatal, just. Michael Youn propose several roles, including that of author and producer of the film. The producer has also been found : Alain Goldman, […]

Fatal : Teaser (VF/HD)

Here is the first teaser of the film Fatal… The pitch : Fatal… is Fatal Bazooka, a rapper bling-bling and hardcore. In fact, a character sketch created by Michaël Youn in his show-tv “Morning Live”, and then developed in the album “T’as vu” album sold more than 500,000 copies. This film tells what would become […]

Festival China Now : THE RIVER OF LIFE

The idea of the table’s autobiographical documentary is not new. The Lithuanian Jonas Mekas has even made his trademark with the genre of the film diary in which THE RIVER OF LIFE is the colors. Yang Pingdao chronic family of his own – the death, the birth, the life. Sequences, sometimes desultory, almost abstract in […]

the Cannes film Festival 2009 : Official Selection is…

The Official Selection is dedicated to the memory of Wouter Barendrecht. THE COMPETITION : Opening Film : Peter DOCTER – UP (up There) H. C. – 1h44 Pedro ALMODÓVAR – LOS ABRAZOS ROTOS (Etreintes broken) – 2h09 Andrea ARNOLD – FISH TANK – 2h02 Jacques AUDIARD – A PROPHET – 2h35 Marco BELLOCCHIO – RACE […]

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