Fatal : Teaser (VF/HD)

Here is the first teaser of the film Fatal… The pitch : Fatal… is Fatal Bazooka, a rapper bling-bling and hardcore. In fact, a character sketch created by Michaël Youn in his show-tv “Morning Live”, and then developed in the album “T’as vu” album sold more than 500,000 copies. This film tells what would become […]

What transformer is a tow truck?

What transformer is a tow truck? Hoist Hoist is an Autobot who turns into a tow-truck. Initially a video-game only character in 2007, he got his first toy in 2009. What is the name of the ambulance rescue bot? Medix Medix is the Rescue Bots’ Doc-Bot, ready to help out Autobots and humans alike when […]

Which is better Manduka PRO or PROlite?

Which is better Manduka PRO or PROlite? The Manduka PRO is a larger version of the PROlite. The PROlite was designed for yogis who want the look, feel, and quality of the PRO but want a thinner and lighter yoga mat. The PROlite is 1 mm thinner, weighs just 4 lbs, and often comes in […]

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