Feast the Movie 2009 : It’s gone !

To celebrate with the public its 25th anniversary, The Festival of Cinema is back in a new formula 7 days… While it lasted, up to now 3 days, the new Party of the Film now lasts two times longer!!! The Festival of Cinema of 2009 will take place from Saturday 27 June to Friday 3 […]

FOXTROT, a tragedy-war – Review

Eight years after Lebanon, Samuel Maoz returns with his second feature film, FOXTROT, drama-war winner of the silver lion at the Venice film Festival in 2017. Michael and Dafna receive the visit of members of the military who announce the death of their son, Yonatan, party, perform his military service on a frontier post. While […]

François Cluzet et Louise Bourgoin are white as snow

Filmmaker Christopher White (A Woman From Outside) starts shooting his second feature film, White As Snow, a thriller on a background of family relationships with François Cluzet, Louise Bourgoin, Olivier Gourmet, Joanthan Zaccai and Bouli Lanners. The pitch : Maxime (François Cluzet) has everything to be happy : manager of a concession flourishing of high-end […]

Frank Darabont pays a slice of zombie

The comic book The Walking Dead will come to life on screen thanks to an adaptation in the series… After an apocalypse that has turned the quasi-totality of the population into zombies, a group of men and women led by officer Rick Grimes tries to survive. This is the synopsis of The Walking Dead, comic […]

[critical] Frontier(s)

A band of young people of the suburbs, which, while the extreme right is poised to come to power, took advantage of the disarray to commit a robbery. Pursued by police, they fled by car to reach the netherlands. As the night falls, they stop in a hotel a few kilometers from the border, without […]

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