[critical] And After

At age eight, Nathan entered the tunnel of light “near-death” for having wanted to save a little girl. Declared dead, the little boy wakes up inexplicably. Twenty years later, Nathan has become a brilliant lawyer in new york city. Devastated by the painful circumstances of his divorce, he barricaded himself in his work, away from […]

AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, thriller aesthetic – Critical

For their first film, AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, the brothers Raphael & David Vital-Durand reveal their aesthetic universe in a thriller that mixes deftly fantasy and reality. What is not so common. From the first scenes AND MY HEART, TRANSPARENT, one is immediately transported into the dreamlike world of the brothers Raphael Vital-Durand and David […]

EuropaCorp, Dassault Systems hand in hand

A partnership which would be beneficial for both parties, but especially strategic… We know EuropaCorp, studio producer and distributor created by Luc Besson and Dassault systèmes, developer of 3D solutions. The two companies have signed a strategic agreement to strengthen innovation in the fields of cinema and marketing. Thus, the film Arthur And The Revenge […]


Film, captivating, but redundant. It is always exciting to dive into a film by Frederick Wiseman. It is a sacred cow, a totem before which we prostrate. Against it, criticism is rare. These are the same tributes discrete repeating each output. It is treated as a museum it really is of bad taste to criticize. […]

the Expendables : Bande-Annonce / Trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here is the trailer for the movie the Expendables… The pitch : This are neither mercenaries nor secret agents. They chose their own missions and do not obey any government. They do it neither for money, nor for glory, but because they help desperate cases. For ten years, Izzy Hands, of the CIA, is on […]

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