4 tips to become a good director

4 conseils pour devenir un bon réalisateur

You want to become a film director ? Agree ! But do you want to become a good director ?

In this case, don’t stick with what you have can be learned on the benches of the school, and follow the 4 tips :

1 tip to becoming a good director : watch movies, but do it the right way

You want to become a good director (dir) ? It may seem silly, but the 1er advice to follow is to watch movies the right way.

That is to say, one eye to be active and not passive. Try to be attentive to all the many biases of the filmmakers. How is it to move the emotions by his bias for aesthetics ?

Watch carefully :

  • how the stories are visually told ;
  • the positions and movements of the camera to obtain such or such an effect ;
  • the plan values ;
  • the sets etc ;
  • The light
  • Etc.

Also pay attention to the sound. You might be surprised(e) the number of information (the sounds, ambiance music, etc) that will bring you the soundtrack in addition to the dialogue ; information that will allow you to enter more in the spirit of the real and to better understand the scenario, the film.

The idea here is to break down the film and to capture the many small elements. You will then become a master in the art of deconstructing and reconstructing your own movies.

You will have an easier time understanding the grammar of film and to use it for your own projects

Study in addition to the aesthetic form, the scenarios of entertaining movies. Train yourself to the task. Become a master of the storytelling. You décuplerez your chances of becoming a good director.

Go to the 2nd board.


2nd council to become a good filmmaker : do you train the technique

4 conseils pour devenir un bon réalisateurThe 2nd advice to follow if you want to become a good director, it is to educate you the technique. Why ?

Among other activities, the real, in collaboration with the technical team, will support choices such as those related to the camera, such as those related to the lighting, those related to the soundtrack and editing.

For these choices to be effective, relevant, and contribute to the making of a film that sticks to the script and makes it live, it is necessary that the real includes, in its decisions, the constraints related to the technical aspects.

But how can he achieve this if he has no practice of the image, the camera, light, sound, post-production ?!

It is true, as real, you must master the writing of the scenario as well as the cutting technique. But you need to go much further. You need to know to master the sound environment, to have a good concept in practice lighting techniques in cinema, understand how to stabilize the image, knowing when you use the camera objective, etc

A good réal, with a few rare exceptions, this must know and understand the technique even if it will be less than the technician that surrounds it…

Be blue in this area would have a head who is only proficient in the marketing aspects of his business and don’t understand the technical aspects such as production, accounting, and inventory management. Sooner or later, such gaps will lead him to make bad decisions ; this will have an impact on the overall result, therefore, in our case, on the film obtained !

Now let’s see the 3th council.

3rd tip to become a good director : become a good manager

4 conseils pour devenir un bon réalisateur

You want to become a good director ? In this case, you have to become a good manager.

You see, the real, it is the conductor, the one that interacts with much of the world. If you want to have a fairly complete, read the craft of The film director.

A good dir be said to explain clearly what he wants and therefore interact with the decorator, to direct the actors, positioning the camera operator, give him / her instructions, supervise the film’s editing, the sound disgn etc .

Therefore, if it is not good management, it will make mistakes ; and they will have a disastrous impact on the film. As most of the people who read the articles, make films that are self-production and people are not paid. It takes so much more skill and management to manage volunteers

Hold for example the direction of the actors. It is a task so delicate, so sensitive that poorly executed, it can bring the actors to miss their play ; and in the process of accomplishment of such a task, it will be that the dir has to manage tensions between the two actors or between an actor and itself (and it happens often).

If you would like more information on how to manage actors, read to Succeed his direction of the actors. You’ll find 12 keys to help you master this crucial skill to become a good director.

And, to all intents and purposes, I recommend you to study and practice of classical leadership and the management of such men as 2how to make amis2 and 2 2how to find the leader in vous2, both of Dale Carnegie, the father of human relations.

Turning now to the 4th council.


Tip 4 to become a good director : skip to action

4 conseils pour devenir un bon réalisateur

If you want to become a good producer, get in on the action. This is the 4th and last tip of this list.

The group of words “take action” has 2 meaning here :

  • the 1er : follow the 3 tips outlined above ;
  • the 2nd : if you read the biographies of the greats (Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, etc), you will realize that they come from diverse backgrounds and have not had the same track, but they have one thing in common : they don’t have procrastiné on their dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

They are raised, have directed short films (some very bad at the beginning), went to offer their services on film sets have started out as an assistant, was made out, etc

As was so well said James Cameron : “Get a camera. Then, shoot something. Regardless of whether it is small or outdated, regardless of whether your friends or your sister have played the roles of the actors. Put your name in as a director. Here you are director. All that is left for you to do so, this will negotiate your budget and your stamps “.

Of course, things are not so simple ; and what James Cameron has wanted to say by this is that you need to pass to the action if you want to become one day a good director.

That is, do you have an experience to share with us on how to become a good director ? If yes, please do so in the comments below !

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