a Leader, and the Casting director Part 2 : Cards Business

Chef de file et le directeur de Casting Partie 2 : Fiches Métiers

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The Leader and The Casting director



Here are the result of the job profile on the leader and the casting director. As I announce in the first part, I will present a casting director and a leader of here a few weeks ago in an interview that I am preparing ;o) In this second part I’ll explain how to become a leader or casting director. I’ll also tell you everything you need to know about these fabulous businesses : Curriculum, salaries etc..

It is a part of it !

The leader what is it ?

Is the person in charge of finding extras, call them and ensure that they will be there, as expected, the day of the shooting. It is also responsible for making their contract, the day J.

In the region, it is often the casting director, with the help of an assistant, who takes care of the figuration. It works in close collaboration with the second assistant/application stage who is responsible for putting in scene the representation in each sequence.

How does one become a casting director and a leader ?

There is not really training, it is one of the trades that one learns on the job. I sincerely believe that among the various principals of casting that I’ve met, none have had the same journey…

It should have some qualities : to be passionate, to love the people, the sense of contact, the availability, know how to read between the lines, have an artistic bent, a sense of staging, and…a lot of patience ;o) brave and the worker. But most importantly, it must succeed in some way to appropriate the film.

But be careful, even if there is not training in itself, you can’t you invent a casting director ! Nobody will take you seriously.

So how do you do ??

The first thing to do is to see the ” behind the scenes. Make the numbers at least once and see how it goes. Take contacts. Keep your eyes open, you will soon realize what to do and what not to do.

Human contact is vital ! A appearing happy and well-treated, it is a contained that you can recall (and especially who want to go back ;o)).

Once this is done, the best way is to find a position of the casting wizard. Then, little by little, once you have integrated well into the business, that you feel that you can fly with your own wings, now you can become your tour director/ director of casting ;o)

Let’s be clear, it will take you several years ;o)

A leader or a casting director that earns how much ?

A casting director has the status of intermittent worker of the spectacle. That is to say, he must do a number of hours data (507) to 10 months to obtain this status.

Yes but how much money does a casting director ? Like all professions, there are stars and then the other. I’ve heard amounts very interesting that some casting directors would be affected. But in reality a casting director or a leader can touch (depending on negotiation) between :

992 euros gross/ week of 39heures (35+4)

1387 euros gross/ week 39 hours (35+4)

In regards to the casting wizard, the salary revolves around :

700 euros gross/ week 39 Hours (35+4)

Some production managers are paying the casting wizard a little further down, to around 85 euros gross/ day, which is a salary of :

425 euros gross/ week 39 hours (35+4)

Even if the wages seem high, remember that the status of intermittent is very precarious and that a casting director or a leader does not work all day!!!!!

It is not necessary to forget that one does this job by passion. Choose his profession, successful in practice and in live are luxuries that are not given to everyone. There are days where it is hard, where nothing goes but never forget that you have chosen to do and that many would like to be in your place.

Since now 1 year and a half, I you pot by telling you that everything is possible if we really want to. I think you’re going to love the history of the casting director that I prepares you for the interview. Still a few days of patiences and you will be able to discover it ;o)

I hope this article on the leader and the casting director will answer your questions or to discover a job.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions at the bottom of this article.

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