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Web-to-Serial/ serial digital


A few days ago, I attended a Masterclass two-day on what will be the TV of tomorrow and the changes that are happening already today. And you know what ? The web-series, and the series digital earn the lion’s share of the trends of channels and platforms

Then, you’re going to tell me : ” what is a series of digital compared to a web-series ? “. Frankly, the border is thin and I am certain that this kind of issue is going to divide. This is why I give my version, which is not worth that to me. I think that a series digital is produced by a platform as a series normal and broadcast on it, and the web series is broadcast on You tube, Daily motion or a website dedicated to this kind of content. A web series is a short format so that the serial digital goes from 26 minutes to 60 minutes.

I class so : Stranger things, House of cards, Marseille, Alphas house, betas, 3%, etc… as a series of fingerprints.

Whereas : Noob, the visitor of the future, Mortus Corporatus, the lööve etc… are, for me, web-series.

Moreover, the funding of the one and the other is not at all the same !

Even if the economic model is still fragile…let’s just say he always looks for a little aid and a structuring of the kind is felt. But we’ll get to a little later in this article.

Series of digital or web-series this is the opportunity that some have been waiting for a long time. Why ?

Before answering this question it is necessary to make a small return back. A lot of apprentices to writers or young writers/ Directors were saying that the genre film, or a series of the kind had or will never have their place in France. It was necessary to go to the United States or England to be able to produce this kind of ” product “. They were not entirely wrong, even if some of the scenarios of the genre manage to pull their pin of the game, little was elected.

Let’s go back to the ” why ” that I was talking about just above. Why the series the digital is the opportunity that some have been waiting for a long time ?

  • Because the comedy is not the market sought after by the platforms
  • Because times, per episode, are shorter than for a long
  • Because the decision making circuit (producer/ platform) is much shorter than for a film or a series of traditional
  • Because the young writers have a greater chance of puncture

In short, all the conditions are met for this to work !!! Ha ! I also forgot one important thing :

– More platforms are numerous, the longer it takes original content and the longer it takes to happen !

And the market in all of this ?!

If you need to retain a thing, it is that the platforms do not spin at full speed. In need of content, they are looking for talent… because they are not ” big ” at only 70% of the content… they lack so 30%…can You imagine the potential of the series and the opportunities that this represents ?

Then, you’re going to tell me : ” yes, but everyone can’t do House of Cards…and no platform will spin millions of euros to a stranger to Stranger things “…you’re right !

Except that the platforms are multiplying,…to target very specific which most of you is part of it : The millénials.

Finished the housewife under 50 years of age for the platforms because they are the millénial who make the law. The millénial are the category of people that is born with the digital and consumes series and content on different screens…knowing that the tv is not the first screen they look. This implies that these are screens “mobile,” as phone, tablets, etc…It takes so succeed to capture their attention and make them addict.

This is the bet that has made Studio+ leaving a supply of ” web-series “ formats style 10X10 or 10X7 that you can watch on the way to and from school or the office…in the metro or the bus, etc…By the way, I put you link up the very good pubs performed by Julien Seri drives, hard-working of the blog, know.

STUDIO + – SPEED from HRCLS on Vimeo.

STUDIO+ what is it ?

Studio+ what is it ? It is a mobile application by subscription (eur 4.99) that allows you to see a series of” Premium “ specially designed for Studio+…

Just imagine the investment of such a platform…35 million/ year, with today 15 the available series and a added each week. Today 25 series are filmed and 40 are in development. 40 !!

The means of production and turning are optimized for the pooling of means…it is thanks to an economy of scale that such sets can exist. A series produced for studio+ cost1 million euros for a 10X10 for example. Then that one episode of 90 minutes in the normal circuit can reach 2 million ! A 52-minute it is 1 million !! There, for the same price you can manage to produce 100 minutes of film !

The trend is not ready to be reversed because the purpose of platforms is to be autonomous…to have original content, they “produce” their own guarantees a total freedom on the choice but also on the broadcasts, because they are no longer dependent on the rights that belong to other productions.

For example, if you’re a fan of Netflix, a lot of series are not ” of the original series Netflix “. This means that the rights don’t belong to them. If tomorrow, having decided to go and sell his series or his catalogue elsewhere, Netflix has nothing to say…this is why Netflix is investing heavily in original content where the rights belong to him.

The more platforms, the more they will be on the competition, wanting to attract consumers at home rather than elsewhere…it drives them necessarily to create content that others don’t have.

Some regions, structures, and channels TV feel for a moment that the consumption of content in mobility and the web-series are real subjects. It was for this that France TV and the SACD have unlocked a budget of € 300 000 to help the emergence of shorter series, feuilletonnantes, imagined specially to be consumed in mobility.

In the form of a commission, which will meet twice a year, projects will be selected and supported.

Today, several platforms are available in France : Netflix, Amazon studio( coming soon), blackpills (coming soon), Studio+, Studio4, Hulu.

Now it’s your turn to write for this kind of format…Necessarily this Masterclass has highlighted other formats and promising technologies : 360 or virtual Reality…in short, new ways of writing, of filming…but this will be the subject of other articles ;o)

So much for the article on : The web-series, and series digital I hope that this article will be able to help you find a producer, but mainly to find a good one.

I know that you are very verys many, often, to be lost. You should not hesitate to ask me questions here. I would like to be able to have a particular link with you all to allow you d’to be moving faster and more confidently. Especially as most of the time you block for, almost, nothing.

Thank you. Still a very good year to you, your family and friends and I wish you the best for your projects.

I try to be here, on the blog or with the members of the Masterclass as possible in spite of my professional activities that I take a lot of time. But you know what ?! Thanks to this I can further share my knowledge and help you to go further.

I will tell you very quickly.

Please do not hesitate to ask me your questions or comments below this article.

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