Film iconic in the gypsy community, I EVEN MET GYPSIES HAPPY Aleksandar Petrović spring in theatres in a restored print today with the support of the distributor Malavida and it is hard to miss.

For the little story, the film is released in 1967 and was selected for official competition at Cannes. Claude Lelouch , which is part of the jury saw his Palme d’or, but the Festival president of the time refused, having promised to Antonioni the Palm for his Blow up. Lelouch resigned from the jury and will help to distribute the film of Petrović.

Between documentary and fiction, I EVEN MET GYPSIES HAPPY tells the story of Bora, a seller of feathers, which take place with Mirta jurisdictions where they may do business. Soon they will compete as Tissa, a pretty wildvine that Bora fell.

Shot in Serbia, I EVEN MET GYPSIES HAPPY is the first film that sets the scene of the real gypsy, and is a testimony to the quasi-documentary on this community. Petrović will inspire elsewhere Emir Kusturica (we think more particularly at the Time of the gypsies), or Tony Gatlif. He knew the first homage to their culture, their music, their customs, and their humanity (“We are men” recalls Bora to a sister who refuses him the money). If the film is constructed as a fiction with a story and its characters, one retains especially the scenes filmed with an eye for real, crossed by the grace of the characters, more real than nature, such as the striking scenes in the bar where we can hear what is still today the anthem gypsy Djelem Djelem, or in the makeshift dwellings where mud replaces the bitumen. The actors, all non-professionals, are absolutely stunning and their on-screen presence radiates and carries us.

As said Lelouch “everything is done so that the viewer becomes actor and projects” and in this the film is really fiction. However, the desire to tell their daily life transpires, and behind-the-scenes, fictional, and poetic (the scene where Bora throws the feathers of the truck to name it) are found throughout the film plans to the realism is striking, until the final scene where, while Bora is wanted by the police, the camera sweeps the faces of all the village, old edentulous to the kids, fag in his mouth. A great film not to be missed.

Anne Laure Farges

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Original title : I even met gypsies happy

Realization :Aleksandar Petrović

Scenario : Aleksandar Petrović

Main players : Bekin Fehmiu, Gordana Jovanovic

Release Date : 15 November 2017

Duration : 1h48min

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