African Experience : Announcement trailer

Here is the trailer for the African Experience. This documentary by Laurent Chevallier (Momo The Dean, The Life Without Brahim), will be released on 25 march.

The pitch : At the college of Marciac, some students have chosen the option of a jazz in which the goal is not necessarily to be professional musicians but to bet that, thanks to the music, culture in the broad sense will continue to occupy an important part in their future life.

It is in this spirit that happen at the college musicians from the band Fölifö of Guinea (the group was accompanied by the great saxophonist Momo the Dean Laurent Chevallier had spent a long film) have been invited by the headmaster. They introduce the students to jazz played with traditional african instruments and then take them to Conakry, guinea, on the african continent, where are the roots of jazz and share a moment of their life with them.

This movie about Africa, the music, the jazz, the transmission and adolescence invites us to share in this unique experience of touching and lived by students and musicians.

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